Waffles with Strawberries and Cream


1 Case (72 Units) Marson Foods Authentic Belgian Liege Waffle, 2GE, Bulk Pack
18 C Fresh Strawberries – (hulled and chopped)
9 C Nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt
4 C Strawberry 100% fruit, seedless jelly
2 C Pure Maple Syrup
9 C Rich’s On Top – non-dairy topping


1. Preheat oven to 300°F. Place waffles on large sheet pan in single layer. Bake 4-6 minutes.
   a) Let cool before topping with the Strawberry and Cream Mixture.
2. To make Strawberries and Cream – Thoroughly mix together the hulled strawberries, Greek yogurt, and strawberry jelly and maple syrup. Serve immediately OR mix up ahead and hold in the refrigerator until needed.
3. Top each waffle with 1/2 Cup of the Strawberries and Cream mixture.
4. Garnish with one dallop on Rich’s On Top and 1 mint leaf.
5. Serve with 1 carton of reduced fat milk.
6. Serve immediately.

Nutritional Facts

Yield:  72
Serving Size:  1 waffle and toppings
Child Nutrition Credit:  2GE – ½ C Fruit – ½ M/MA - 1 Milk