Breakfast Waffle Tostada


1 Case (72 Units) 1 Marson Foods Authentic Belgian Liege Waffle, Vanilla 2 GE
72 Eggs - scrambled
36 oz Shredded cheddar cheese
72 strips Turkey Bacon – chopped and crumbled - well cooked
72 (IW) Red Gold Salsa Cup (2oz)
small Sour Cream dollop & fresh chopped chives sprinkled on top


1. Start by laying out the Marson Foods Vanilla Waffles on a bun pan and heat
2. Top each waffle with one scrambled egg followed by ½ ounce of shredded cheddar cheese.
3. Next, layer on 1strip of turkey bacon which has been chopped or crumbled.
4. Next top with a small dollop of light sour cream and sprinkle with fresh chopped chives.

Nutritional Facts

Yield:  72
Serving Size:  1 waffle and toppings
Child Nutrition Credit:  2GE –2 M/MA – ½ C Veg -1 Milk